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IntegNeuro - cognition


What is cognition?

Memory, attention, reaction time, problem solving and language.

Brain Resource IntegNeuro is ...

A fully automated series of tests that reflect an individualised Cognitive Performance Profile (including sensory-motor, memory, attention, verbal fluency, impulsivity and executive functions)

Delivered on a robust IBM touchscreen with all task instructions delivered through headset and microphone. Requires no computer skills and can be used with young, elderly and impaired populations (6-85 years)

Precise performance analysis empowered by the world’s first total quality controlled international database.

Upon completion of the tests, participant data is transmitted via a secure website to the Brain Resource Central Analysis Facility for individual assessment. Reports are provided within 48 hours on a cost effective fee-per-report basis.

  • Quick
  • Evidence-based
  • Sensitive

How will a Brain Resource Report help?

A Brain Resource Report helps us answer some key questions: Is there a problem? How significant is the problem? What is the best treatment strategy for that individual?

An evidence-based report may inform:

  • ADHD - diagnosis and treatment decisions
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment and early detection of Alzheimer’s Dementia
  • Sleep Apnoea – assessing the effectiveness of CPAP treatment on Cognition
  • Medico-legal decisions involving PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury resource decisions in schools which depend on identification of student strengths and weaknesses
  • Management of risk in the workplace – reports inform recruitment decisions and monitor consistency of vigilance skills
  • Evidence-based Screening for Depression in the workplace and wider community

Why use this test?

A Brain Resource report helps your clinician to determine your particular cognitive strengths and weaknesses, design a treatment strategy tailored to meet your needs, objectively assess the effect of a treatment or incident on your cognitive skills.

These tests help the Speech Pathologist make informed decisions about client’s reading strengths and weaknesses.

What can I expect?

1. An initial interview with the Consultant Speech Pathologist.

2. A comprehensive Cognitive assessment to measure everyday thinking skills like memory, attention, language, reaction time and problem-solving. This is undertaken on an easy to use touch-screen, where a response is taped. The test takes around 60 minutes.

3. A series of tasks is presented. For each one you will be provided with simple instructions and an example. Some tasks are easy and some are hard, there is no pass or fail. A Web-based personal history questionnaire may also be undertaken.

4. The results are compared to others (the same age, sex and years of education) who have completed exactly the same tests, and a report is generated for the Consultant Speech Pathologist.

5. The referring Speech Pathologist will use the objective evidence from the Brain Resource report, along with other clinical tools, to inform diagnosis and treatment options.