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About Us

Speaking, listening, reading, writing and social skills are the number one predictors of success in school and in the workplace. Likewise, it is your ability to communicate clearly and effectively that will determine, more than any other factor, the quality of your personal relationships. If you or someone you love struggles with communication - Don't Wait. Prompt intervention improves results.

To offer the child a carefully selected combination of short-term interventions seeks to avoid the dilemma of unnecessary long-term therapy and lowered self-esteem. It prevents children from being taken out of mainstream education in order to address one difficulty, causing them to miss out on other necessary skills and the fun aspects of school, such as art, music and sport.

The intensiveness of a program is vitally important when seeking to achieve ongoing academic success. There are no boring tutorials or repetitive learning programs. Children have fun and learn rapidly. The combination of technology, one-on-one therapy and group activities accelerates learning.

Children with mild to severe reading problems show dramatic improvements with the innovative use of computer game-style programs and professional guidance. Rapid results and on-going improvements are achieved with a combination of programs.

We are committed to providing quality clinical services to children with communication disorders, speech, reading and learning difficulties.

Clients of the clinic include people with:

  • speech / articulation / phonology problems
  • language difficulties
  • stuttering or stammering
  • voice disorders
  • developmental verbal Dyspraxia
  • accent, pronunciation and intelligibility difficulties
  • conversational difficulties
  • developmental disability
  • neurological impairment and brain damage
  • augmentative & alternative communication needs
  • learning and literacy difficulties
  • reading difficulties
  • study skills
  • essay writing