8 Hillcrest Drive, St. Ives NSW 2075 Australia, Phone No.02 9440 0543
No Child Left Behind! To offer the child a carefully selected combination of short-term
interventions seeks to avoid the dilemma of unnecessary
long-term therapy and lowered self-esteem

Welcome to The Speech, Language & Learning Clinic

The Speech, Language & Learning Clinic in St Ives provides comprehensive assessments and solutions to a large range of speech, language, learning and literacy problems.

Our services are always provided in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Our staff have extensive experience in many different areas of speech pathology and learning.

Appointments can be arranged promptly and individualised therapy programs are tailored to suit the needs of each child.

Our Services Include:

  • Language, Literacy and Cognitive assessments with comprehensive reporting to parents
  • Traditional Speech Therapy
  • Technology Interventions
  • Packaged Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Group Speech Therapy
  • School Speech Therapy Services
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Our Solutions

Memory, attention, reaction time, problem solving and language.
A fully automated series of tests that reflect an individualised Cognitive Performance Profile (sensory-motor, memory, attention, verbal fluency ...
Earobics systematically teaches the listening skills required for reading success.
More than 20 years of literacy research have conclusively proven that phonological awareness is the best predictor of success in reading ...
3Auditory Processing
... is “what we do with what we hear”
It is the ability of the brain to process incoming auditory signals. There are many different areas of auditory processing ...